The price of LABRADOODLES varies greatly amongst breeders. If you search on line you can see that some breeders sell them for up to $2,500.00. Labradoodles are wonderful dogs but at the same time should be affordable for wonderful families who will love and care for them.

Don't believe in the idea that the more expensive the puppy the better quality he/she is. The cost of a labradoodle puppy is influenced by many factors, and yes, it is expensive to raise a puppy but their quality should not be based on their price. What you need to look for are: proof that the parents are health tested; that you know where the puppies are kept and raised. Be alarmed if  they are kenneled all the time. You want puppies that are raised inside the home and part of the family's daily lives. You are choosing a new member of your family and it's very important that you ask the breeder plenty of questions and ask for references. We have open references on our Facebook group, there you will see what families say about CO Mountain Labradoodles, and about their experiences in adopting a puppy from us. However, at any time we can provide you with more references from other reputable breeders,  our vet and more families who purchased their labradoodle (s) from us.

Here in Colorado Mountain Labradoodles, we put our time and money into caring for our breeding dogs, we spend money on basic health testing and offer you reasonable prices.  We only breed genetically sound Labradoodles. Yes, it's expensive to breed quality puppies, yes it's  a lot of work to raise them but we don't make a living out of the puppies we raise-we do it because we love it and we want to share the joy of having one. With the price of our puppies, we have more opportunity to select carefully the right families for them.

Our  Labradoodle prices are related to coat quality and generation. The less expensive price would reflect a coat that might shed slightly.  Both males and females make great family pets, and so we don't set our price based on their gender.

Our Labradoodle's price range from
$700.00-$1,200.00 (Our prices are subject to change)

$700-800.00- F1 Labradoodles plus sales tax

$900-950.00- F1B Labradoodles plus sales tax

$1200.00-Multigen Labradoodles plus sales tax

**Please note that a $150.00 fee is required for the spay/neuter of the puppy...it is not included in the purchase price...this information is also stated in the puppy application**

Not all Labradoodles are non-shedding and Hypo-Allergenic,  please make sure you do a great deal of research and ask a lot of questions if you have allergies.

All our puppies  will be introduced to crate and leash training before they go to their permanent homes. They will also be starting on house training. 

Our puppies come with:
1.]   Two Year Genetic Health Guarantee
2.]   Microchip with application
3.]   Registration Form(s) (Continental Kennel Club)
4.]   Puppy packet that includes:
A. Scrap book (Puppy's photos and progress from birth) 
B. Parents' proof of Genetic Screening and/or Testing
C. Health Records (vaccination, deworming, vet visits etc..)
D. Copy of Purchase/Contract/Health Guarantee/Bill of Sale
E. Puppy Care Guide (training, routines, etc..)
F. Copy of Temperament Test
5.]   Sample food (Life's Abundance Premium Health Food for Puppies & Adults), enough for 1-2 days
6.] Puppy collar
7.] Home Made treats for training
8.] Nuvet Vitamins (First 3 day supply)
9.] Baby blanket with mom and sibling's scent

If you are unable to pick up your puppy, and shipping is required, an additional $350.00 will be added to the cost of the puppy which will cover a health exam/health certificate required by the airline, airfare, and an airline approved crate.

Due to some requests, we are now offering payment of the puppy deposit through paypal. This feature is only available for the deposit. Please select the Buy Now button if you are ready to send your $200.00 deposit to reserve a puppy. Note that you will be paying $6.50 more due to the transaction fee charged by paypal, only $200.00 will be applied towards the cost of your puppy.  Please do not send a deposit not unless your application has been accepted.


**Please note that we still only accept cash on the puppy balance, personal checks and paypal payments are only accepted for deposits.**

For further information and question please                              or call (719) 214-5330.        

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